Hop into the Future

Want to exceed your customers expectations? Give your customer-journey a boost. Make communicating with your customers swifter, effortless and fun.

Making short work of inefficient emails

Whatsapp & Live-Chat

Skip the classical approach and make your customer-contact smart. Learn from modern, intelligent communication. πŸ€– πŸ’¬ πŸš€

Next-level Customer Service

No more fuss about tickets, queues or e-mails.

Boost your reachability and customer happiness with WhatsApp & Live-Chat. πŸ˜ƒ


"Thank you for your reservation. See you tomorrow!", "We are underway" en "here is your boarding pass".

Send reminders through WhatsApp and prevent wasting time and no-shows. βœ…

Personal & Modern

Do you want to distinguish your company?

Then make it personal with emoji's, stickers and GIFs. 🐰

Sales & Marketing using Whatsapp

Discover the power of WhatsApp-sales and increase your conversion.

With WhatsApp advertisements and marketing you can easily and instantly reach your target audience. πŸš€

Multiple agents using one number

One clear inbox for all employees on one WhatsApp-number.

Work better together and provide swifter customer service. πŸ’ͺ🏾

CRM- and software-integrations

Integrate WhatsApp to your software and simplify your work.

Easily integrate with your CRM, planning- or ticketingsoftware, or other software? It's possible. πŸ”—

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'Het Buitenatelier'

Gijs Kuijpers

What'sRabbit helped us separating our sales and service effectively.

Through WhatsApp we can swiftly and instantly reach our customers.

Janssens Kassasystemen

Jeroen van Tol

As an automation company in the catering industry our customer service is crucial for our success. With What'sRabbit we've moved our customer contact to a higher level.

Our customers appreciate the swift and personal support that we can offer through What'sRabbit.


Tom Kanders

A great way of communicating with our current and prospective customers! We keep the contact personal, but at the same time professional.

Our customers also respond very positively. What'sRabbit has become a critical tool for our company.


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Phone number: +31 85 486 8846 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: hello@rabbit.nl

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